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Within the Crazy Saving Mom site you find ways to shop for the best prices, coupon codes, bargains, discounts.

Being a stay at home mother with a household to run for a family of five, I am always finding various ways to save money.

A real life Crazy Saving Mom!

Whether you are looking to shop for clothes, toys or grocery’s, one site provides you with everything you need!    You will be able to continue to do business with the same stores you already know, love and trust!  There is even  an excellent local program that drives customers to small business’s, therefore helping to boost local economy’s worldwide!

These well-known stores offer an incentive to their customers for doing business with them.  They are not spending money to advertise to get customers through their doors. This allows the stores to give a portion of that margin back to the consumer.

People are being paid to shop for the products they have to purchase and getting the absolute best price they deserve.  This is all made possible through an incredible state of the art tracking system, which allows all spending to be tracked and individuals to be credited for their purchases and anyone they refer as well.  Forever!


Within the Crazy Saving Mom site, you will also find recipe’s and DIY’s.

I am looking to include a money Saving Tips section as well.  Please, bare with me.  This is a work in progress and Rome wasn’t built-in a night.

Thank you so much for visiting and supporting me in any and every way possible!

I will continue to add more content and update this site on a regular basis.

Stay tuned!