Cashback Earned By Kids When They Shop

Cashback can be earned by kids  when they shop.  Did you know that? Just earlier  this past month  I spent a little over an hour with the kids “window shopping” from our home.

They had  been begging to buy pokemon cards and shopkins with their birthday money.  Any time these two have money burning a hole in their pocket they’ll immediately go right for Pikachu or Kooky Cookie.

pokemon cards earned cashback on

I decided to set them down and let them  shop around from store to store . They were looking for specific products. They were excited to be earning cashback.

One toy they want may be less money at one partner store. That same toy could be more cost-effective at another.   shipping charges are something to keep in mind as well. How much to ship your item if any shipping chargers apply?

Many stores offer pick up options. This could be the deal breaker for many. Something else to consider is a lot of the times items will be less expensive ordering online vs off of store shelves.

There’s so much to love  about shopping this way.  Saving money . Saving time. Saving gas. Saving wear an tear on our vehicle. Earning cashback for doing what we were going to do anyway.   Makes total sense!

cashback sign

Why overspend for something you want or need to buy when you can get the best price for you the consumer and earn a little cash back in the process?!

Just about anything you need to purchases can be bought this way.  One example here of how I shop for our family’s grocery’s. Check it out!

Every store  listed here will be saving money on their Ad spend budgets.  This allows them to give a portion of that money  back to the customer.  Just by re-directing to their store online, you have the opportunity to earn cashback.

Many times it is cheaper to buy online from their stores then off their shelves.  There are many reasons for this.  Less advertising expenses.  Less warehousing. transportation expenses and so forth.

When you re-direct though, they are not paying that advertising spending to get you through the door.  This saves them money that they will pass along to their consumers in the form of cashback!

When we sat down to start shopping I said whatever they find that they wanted to spend their birthday money on,  they needed to sleep on it.

No impulse buying allowed!

I want them to understand that sometimes material things we want  we regret purchasing later.  Once the excitement wears off you sometimes end up dissatisfied.

There would be no other option but to sleep on it!

They agreed (surprisingly).  They really didn’t have a choice.

I started first with my son for many reasons.  One being that girls are usually harder to shop for and to shop with.  It is just the way it is.  It is bread into the DNA.  Genetic make up and I am sure most men out there would agree 100%!

I am not saying that the boy has a one track mind.  It is not just pokemon he gets excited for.  We  had to take a look at Lego City sets as well.

All of them.

Get the  girl is inside her store of choice and we are looking at every set of shopkins issued.

Every set!


I was sure I would be growing old  during our shopping extravaganza.  No exaggeration!  The amount of times she needed to go back and “look again”.  Good grief.

toys earned cashback on

I was thankful though to be doing it all from the comfort of our home.  Not fighting traffic. Not fighting crowded stores.  Not fighting other customers.  Not standing in long checkout lines.  Self checkout lines can be just as bad.

shopkin earned cashback on

Added bonus during cold and flu season too. Who wants to go shopping when they’re sick?   Much better option this way.  If you’re sick, stay home!

Finally my son figured out for sure what he just couldn’t live without.   Now it was my daughters turn.

Next, she finds what it is she is looking for.  Finally!  I may have said a little Amen after that…

shopkins earned cashback on

Now,  I reminded them that they need to sleep on it.  No impulse buying.

If you wake up in the morning and you’re not sure,  that is OK.  If you want to wait another day before spending your money,  that is OK.

Once all was said and done,  once they had figured out exactly what it is was they would run through a brick wall for I said
” OK, great!  Now before I get your piggy banks down and purchase these must haves tomorrow,  I need for you both to go clean your rooms!”

All in about an hour from the comfort of my home and all while we earned some cashback!