Bread And Butter Pickle’s

Love Bread And Butter Pickle’s? Looking for a delicious Bread & Butter Pickle Recipe? We found one!  Every year my husband and I do as much canning from the garden as we can.

Actually, in all fairness, he does the majority of the canning himself.  I just help with A lot of the prep work  and clean up.

It seems like we always end up with a plentiful supply of cucumbers from the garden and one of our favorite things to preserve is Bread & Butter pickle’s.

Bread and Butter Pickle's






There’s nothing quite like opening a jar of homemade bread and butter pickle’s on a cold winter’s day. Especially knowing that you know what is in them and what is not!

Years ago when we first started searching for a Bread and Butter Pickle recipe we could preserve we came across this one from Paula Dean for Bread and Butter Pickle’s . This is the recipe we use ’til this day.

Cucumbers to use in Bread and Butter Pickle's

We love it. The flavor is excellent!  Our kids love them (and anytime we can get the kids to love anything that isn’t sweets or loaded with MSG’s  it’s an added bonus!)

We always have great luck with the results. We even receive compliments whenever we bring them to a  pot luck or give them away as gifts.

The sweet flavor and crunchy texture that results from this excellent ingredient list is simple to whip together too. Although the recipe does not call for canning the finished product, we always end up with so many jars that we do indeed preserve the finished product.

Bread and Butter Pickle's seasonings

The recipe we use does not call for preserving and it calls for use of gallon jars.  We modified the recipe slightly to fit our own needs and do indeed preserve by using the canning method as well as substituting pint jars in place of gallon jars.

I still have fond memories of both of my grandmothers canning various different vegetables from their garden.  Many good memories at that!  I can still see my grandfather bringing in their produce freshly grown from the garden.

Good times!

I must admit though I always looked at preserving foods as harder than it really is.  It really isn’t hard at all! (especially when your husband does most of the grunt work).  In all seriousness though, it really isn’t complicated either.  Just be sure to  gather your basic ingredients for the recipe and gather all tools necessary before preparing.


Your masterpiece awaits!

Below you will find a list of the ingredients as well as a picture of our finished product.



♥  24 – 36 pickling cucumbers with the skins left on and cut into rounds and the blossom end removed.

♥  3 Vidalia onions, thinly sliced

♥  4 cups of sugar

♥  4 cups of vinegar

♥  1/3 of a cup of canning and pickling salt

♥ 2 teaspoons of turmeric

♥ 2 teaspoons of celery seed

♥  2 teaspoons of mustard seed


Jar of Bread and Butter Pickle's

Bread and Butter pickle's on a plate










When canning, be sure to sterilize all lids, jars and rings.  Also, you’ll want to wipe the mouth of the jar off clean before placing lids and rings on.  This helps to ensure a proper seal.

You will want to be sure to start your bath water well ahead of time.  We do the majority of our canning on our back porch when weather permits.

You will want to be sure to sterilize your jars before packing them with cucumbers and other ingredients.

Try to work as quick as possible to keep jars as warm as you can before placing them into the water to process.

Best of Luck!


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